Monday, July 6, 2009

Odyssey Mondays

Before the crazy butterscotch bronze paint it was a vibrant red -- here are a few shots from the original build and what it used to look like:

Before/After cruising videos:





jc said...

Wow. Now with videos! Faaaaaaaaantastic!

Dylan said...

this is the coolest fucking thing ever.

3L said...

ODMs rule. Super duper.

Slappy said...

So sikk.

nicoSPON said...

Yes, this one is mighty righteous.

Note - I've been busy working on my car this weekend and working on another website for an internship I've got going this summer. So, yes, a lot of updates are still on the way (photos from RedLine, some FF battle-ready J-mag features, CK progress, etc), and more ODMOs too. But, I think along with the name, the amount of ODMOs will shift from weekly to 'Every Other Odyssey Mondays' ... it'll be easier to keep the quality up and continue with the newly started series, plus it has a nice ring to it.

Stay tuned, enjoy.

Tym said...

fucking update