Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top Setup K20/CRX

Watch as Driver/Owner, Charles Rhyu, rails around the track in the new Top Setup K20/CRX. Just listening to that car bang through the gears gives me chills, and reminds me why I love FF Hondas so damn much. The footage and following description are both from google video -

Video shot at West Michigan Honda Meet #8. This was the very first time having the Topsetup CRX on the road course. Driver/Owner: Charles Rhyu. "If it feels good, I'm gonna get on it." This CRX is fully built and tuned at This is ONLY THE BEGINNING for this CRX... The power plant is a high compression Type S with Rcrew racing head package and bolt-ons. Once the testing phase is over more data will be available. Thanks

And another video I ran across just the other day on youtube that I can't seem to stop watching is of the super gripping, 190hp Techno PRO Spirit MR-S, vs a 320hp Kei Office S15. Check out the ridiculous cornering speed on that MR-S! Plus it's always entertaining when Tsuchiya is having so much fun he starts laughing.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome back Lil Phil!

As expected, a BBQ celebrating Phil's return to Illinois (and the Chicago street scene) had quite the turn out for both people and absurd Chicagoland autos. A number of known local FF, FR and AWD enthusiasts showed up and partied through the evening, into the night.

Thanks to Phils dad for providing a ton of good food, beverages and putting up with all of us rowdy 'kids, the loud music from Tym's car, countless people bombing the hill out front on longboards, skateboards and that one unforgettable red FC that gave rides around a portion of the coveted Filjiwara street course. Haha.

Big ups to all the fam that showed up from ChicagoWangan, RiskyDevil, TougeFactory, TopSetup, CrazuKnights, etc. Glad everyone had a good time; and ofcourse, WELCOME BACK PHIL! Now slam that effin' S13 back down and let's finish out the summer hard ya'll.


Oh, and to those who couldn't make it out, enjoy the photos I took from the evening, see you next time: