Sunday, December 28, 2008


Honda Realsports Sailing, Kyushu VTEC-Sports Touring Club had there last meet of the year on a rainy Dec. 21, in Japan. A large number of HRS members, whom are only permitted membership with 'R' motors, met up for a short cruise to a local eatery despite the poor weather conditions.

Check some of the photos from a few various blogs:


Bonus - Photos from past HRS meets from circuit and street which showcase more members' cars not present at the year-end event. These show how vast the collection of primarily newer Type Rs that comprise the group really is (sans the NSX):


AMAZEMENT Shino Kouba x Nishiarai Racing DC2

Clearly, running into a photo this street driven DC2 out of Tokyo with this outrageous exterior would most definitely catch the eye. The extremely high wing stands, the lime green on black on white on bronze colorway, the exhaust jutting out from underneath a trimmed rear bumper, and the crazy photochopped backdrop.

As I looked over the build/maintenance photos from over the last year for this wild DC2 (which received front over fenders and spacers, along with some hatch/chassis support, a lavish interior, some great wheel combos, and more), I found it interesting that it was sporting AMAZEMENT Shino Kouba workshop vinyl, a shop normally associated with drifting. Warning to all viewers, style may be considered too intense/over the top for some.