Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SE37 EK / Tommy's Risky / Roll Out

I was wondering the forums a couple days ago and ran across these unwatermarked photos of this black EK on gold Volk SE37s, yum. Props to the most likely Cali-native owner for the clean setup and to the photographer for shots.
Dang, Tommy's DC chassis featured over on Risky Devil. Can't get enough of that work from ILL Photography. Thanks to Aj and Dave for holdin' it down in Chicago and spreading the FF love. Here's a few of the shots:
Be sure to peep the rest of the photos over on the Risky Devil blog.
This shot is from Michio's point and shoot, and there aren't many rolling shots of the Knights' cars currently, so I thought I'd share as a nice way to wrap up this large post.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2025 Honda Civic Type R?

This was entered in the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show's 2025 Design Challenge a few days ago. Most of the designs submitted are pretty crazy, and I thought this one was pretty neat.

Here's a part of the blurb in the photo above that gives some thoughts on what's being showcased behind the design:

"In February 1908, 17 men dared to take on the 'toughest race ever devised.' The Great Race as it was called brought them around the world, touching three continents and spanning six months and 22,000 miles. 117 years later, the great race of 2025 is tougher than ever. Circumnavigating the globe in a mere 24 hours, Honda and five other manufacturers must race from New York to Paris not only on land, but at sea and in the air. The goal: to further the development of sustainable motorsport technologies. For Honda, no other competition allows the opportunity to showcase it's expertise in automotive, marine, robotics and jet technologies. A new chapter in Honda's storied racing heritage, and demonstration of it's performance, technological, and environmental advancements."

Here are some larger views of the different scenes depicted above:

Next it'll probably be rumored that the U.S. market will recieve a version without the flight capability, and won't have the red Recaro lathered cockpit. Haha. Damn.
But regardless, the winning design will be announced at the Design Los Angeles conference on November 20 at the 2008 L.A. Auto Show.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Golden Trumpets

I saw this DPK RSX on NWP4LIFE, and it has been stuck in my head for the past day or two (like most cars/photos that have the Hasback Photography watermark). As expected from this pair, quite the outrageous setup; but this time it's for sale...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Must Share

I thought this was to good not to share. WTF happens to this guy. hahahahahahahahaa....


Monday, October 20, 2008

Spoon Sports, TYPE ONE garage life envy

Check this out:

I found this randomly on Youtube the other day. And well, I think this should now be added to the list of goals in life, a loft that has a built in car lift to bring them up into the living room, or workspace. Most importantly, away from thieves completely. This is like Batman status. Haha. Dope.

Here's another video I found, it's basically a slideshow with a few more views of the Type One shop and it showcases some other Spoon related goodies with some jazzy GranTurismo-esque menu music playing in the background.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Josh's SpeedHunters feature! / A Video Link from Phil

So, my homie Josh's car was featured on SpeedHunters today, with some exclusive photos from AJ of ILL Photography......

Be sure to peep the link for the rest of the photos, and the write-up:
And lil phil, aka phil says hi, sent me this link last night that I can't help but post. Watch and enjoy as this EK9 takes on a variety of big power Mazda/Nissan machines:

Normally I don't agree with anything but NA with Hondas, but this is just one of those examples where you can't deny it. Ugghh!

And again, big ups to Josh, AJ, Dave and the Risky Devil fam for continually showing the world how Chicago is doing it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flashback: TOP SETUP BBQ; Summer 2007

Looking at the shots I took that day I thought why not share a few on here. Things were a lot different just one summer ago; Josh rocked a Honda, Charlie rocked the EG, Tym was fat, Phil was skinny, 3L actually drove his 240 sometimes, Michio was temporarily chillin' on the east coast, Jamie had RPF1s and thought credit cards were a good idea, and my car was slow as balls. I guess Mikey was still the same. Haha.
Crazy how much can change between summer seasons though. It's good to reminisce.
Enjoy the photos,