Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SportCar Motion EG @ Redline Time Attack 2009 opener

Spotted the above photo and the following video over on The Chronicles blog, and felt the urge to share them here. Definitely planning on following the Redline Time Attack series this year, and with such an awesome display of FF dominance from the SportCar Motion crew at the season opener, it feels like it'll be a good year to watch.

With Tim Kuo behind the wheel, the SportCar Motion EG reeled in a 1st Place Modified FWD victory at Buttonwillow with a new class record lap time of 1:55.809. Watch, Listen, Enjoy:

Be sure to check out the full mention over on The Chronicles, if you didn't catch it there first. More photos/info -- and other Honda-related goodies -- after the jump.


Randomness Seven

Thanks to Scott aka Koalayummies for the great photograph.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Royal Blue Metallic, Crazu Tym-attack

Cruisin' around the other day with Jamie, 3L and Tym, I had a chance to snag a few shots of Tym's new spring fresh. That shade of blue -- supposedly, officially called medium quasar -- is looking quite nice on the cypress green pearl if you ask me.

The plan was to get some better shots heading east along I90, but while I was taking the last photo of the set, unfortunately there was a state trooper approaching in the lanes to the left, which we were merging with. I'm guessing he probably didn't like me hanging out of the window without my seat belt on, and probably wanted to get behind us. Thankfully Tym executed some much needed/appreciated block-line, while Jamie pulled off at the first exit and we got away without a hassle. Perhaps we'll have a chance to finish the shoot when the weather gets nicer, again.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

One pretty serious EG9 sedan build:

I don't really know much about this project, but not much really needs to be said about it. The following photos speak for themselves:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Technical Produce ACHIEVE

The following set of nicely-equipped Hondas are all customers' cars of the Miyagi-prefecture -based tuning shop, The Technical Produce ACHIEVE, many of which can be seen regularly at Sendai highland, SUGO international circuit. Each has it's own subtle, admirable style:

Enjoy Race! - http://t-achieve.com/

Bonus - A link to a photo-intensive build thread for one of The Technical Produce ACHIEVE EG6 demo cars (pictured above): http://t-achieve.com/works/demo/demo_eg.html


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sendai Highlands FF attack

Lock-up those brakes, hop those chicanes and rev all the way to nine-five. Be sure to check out Orido's funky spectacles, too:

That's one hell of a clip that showcases exactly how FF Hondas should be driven.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Move to the Beat

Check out this Honda Beat!
Probably the baddest E-PP1 chassis around. A new set of RE01R-equipped Weds, a single Bride bucket, rear-fender-flares, carbon body panels/hardtop, roll bar, and a brake upgrade; so simple, so dope.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tym EJ8 - Mass Text - March '09

After a fresh tune at ProFunction, Tym finally emerged from his winter slumber over the weekend to wreak havoc on the Kanjo. Or for an early hardpark session with local friends:

Thanks to AJ from ILL Photography for the snaps as always, and to that Risky family for hosting these early-spring meetings. They've been much needed to get outta this Midwest-winter-hibernation funk.

Be sure to enjoy more coverage from the meet:
ILL Photography


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Garage Work x V.M.R.C. DC2 /// FF HONDA Mobara /Honjo style

Chiba-prefecture, Garage Work x Vega Muruko Racing Club DC2. Perhaps the most attractive/perfect/rad/sinister DC2 my eyes have yet to come across; SSR type-Cs, RAYS CE28Ns, Racing Hart type-C4s, Silkroad canards, Kent Works titan muffler SGR SPL, Voltex type-v wing, MAX Racing hood and front w/ Spoon lip, Zeal rear, G-Corporation tails, HPI acrylic windows, Cusco 4-pt. roll cage and L.S.D., TEIN Type HTs, JUN hyper clutch kit, Project Mu N1-Racing brake system, etc.; Mobara Circuit/Honjo running.


Bonus Mobara Circuit / Honjo life:
Continuing on, I figured I'd showcase some of the friends/competitors I found on the V.M.R.C. member's blog, all with equally as aggressive builds. Check out the lineup (and desirable aero) from tuning shops Garage Work and Yellow Factory, as well as a few others/privateers:


Bonus x2 - Garage Work EK4 and DC2 in-car footage from Mobara Circuit:

I don't even know what to say, other than; inspiration bleeding profusely from this post.