Saturday, August 22, 2009

J's Racing S2000


Something seems off about this recent BMI clip; either the driver or the suspension -- or both -- seem a bit off in sections. Then again, maybe I just expected more from one of the latest J's Racing S2000s.

Thoughts? More info? Bueller?


Slappy said...

Spec sheet? I digg the video.

Anonymous said...

Well its Tsuchiya right? I'm not being too much of a fanboy by saying you'd suspect hardware/setup before you'd suspect his driving ability. It does look like its getting out of shape in quite a few places though.

ITRbroham said...

Wasn't this S2k driven in a race event previously? I've seen pics on another website. Somehow, I don't think there were problems with the car's setup then. I think it was Tsuchiya's driving.