Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Finally, here are the rest of the photos I took the other day. Remember, click for larger images, and be sure to enjoy:

Honorable mentions go out to: the TOP SETUP shop cars, the super clean white EK on gold RPF1s, the red JDM frontclip'd DC2 with that fresh interior, the ridiculous Risky Devil cars for their sheer presence, the stretched/swapped Rucks, and ofcourse the CrazuKnights' double aces, Jamie and Tym in the black DC2 and the green EJ8.

Again, much love to everyone that came out, attempted to help give directions to Tim from T2Films (Chob), got in the way of photos multiple times (Mikey, ha), showed up late (Carlos, ha), enjoyed the food (Michio), throwing out peace signs (Tym), and really to anyone who cares about quality parts and tuning. Oh and ofcourse to Charlie for being such a great host.

Alright, clearly I need sleep,

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