Monday, February 2, 2009



The following EG6, from the Japan-based FF Honda crew YPR, is B16b equipped with a Toda B Cam, Mugen LSD, 7-pt roll cage, one-off titanium exhaust, C-West front bumper with a serious front splitter and canards, multiple one-off carbon fiber panels, acrylic windows, bronze CE28n's (among some other nice sets pictured); this hatchback has got it going on. Here are some photos found on the owners blog from a recent event, Impact #9, and along the build process.


Along with the photos, I stumbled upon a few videos linking together some action involving YPR Hondas at Impact #9. Enjoy.

YPR EG6 on board cam part 1/2:

YPR DC2 on board reverse-cam:

YPR EF8 on board cam (1:12), but an unfortunate early dismissal:


Bonus - A couple other random YPR Hondas, and I'll be sure to share more if/when I run across them:


Anonymous said...

Killer find, that splitter is insane!

3L said...

hell yeah it is... hahah

Its Jamie Time said...

dope shizzzz

Johnny Rumble said...

that YPR civic is insane! EK has it right, that splitter is mad!