Thursday, January 29, 2009

J's Racing 6-pots

Currently on a short break from class and I just ran across this close-up snapshot of the #69 J's Racing FD2 Type-R equipped with some fresh six-piston calipers with large 332mm×30mm carbon-combination ventilated disks. "Improves absolute braking performance considerably" and if that's an understatement you didn't already expect, for just under $5,000US they'd better. Not to mention they also require wheels 18"-plus for fitment. But 6-pots on an FD2, mmMMmmm that's some serious delicious right there. A link to one of the J's Racing blogs.

Some more images from a recent event at Sendai Highland:


PS - With my return to school this week for my final semester I've been a little busy and kinda slacking on here the past week or so. But I've been sitting on some good material though, and constantly finding more which will be posted/shared in time. Stay tuned, many of us feel '09 is going to be something worthwhile.

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Johnny Rumble said...

You know, even though J's says you need 18inches+, if that FD2 is running 18's, it looks like wheels as low as 17's could fit with just enough breathing space...