Thursday, September 4, 2008

CrazuKnights t-shirt design prototypes

So, I havent made time to update much lately. With school starting back up for most of the Knights, we're all pretty occupied and unable to chill. Probably atleast a few of us are going up to GT Motoring this Saturday for their open house/BBQ. It's supposed to be nice weather, and they're going to have all their shop cars on display, so we'll see how things turn out. I'll actually be able to attend because I finally got my car back from Top Setup this week, plus a pretty sizeable amount of hot cars and cool cats should be in attendance; should be a dope time. Check it out.

But, because I haven't updated in awhile, or had a chance to come up with some new material to put up here, how about an official leak of some t-shirt designs Michio and I threw together over the past three-four weeks?

Even though/unfortunately none of these actually exist yet, I had shown the designs to a few friends and recieved some really positive feedback. Hopefully you enjoy these low resolution, early version prototypes too:

'B16b Love'

'Kamikaze C1'

'C1 Swift'

'Kanjo Forever'

'Wangan Dreamweave'

Although we haven't had a chance to print any yet, fresh designs are already in the works. Expect more either from time to time, or eventually.



Unknown said...

I have to say those designs are eye lookers. Nice job on those. Keep up the good work. Let me know when they're available. thanks. Keep your crew GRIPING!!!

3L said...

c1 swift mixed with wangan dreamweave... would be dope as hell!!!!!