Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jamo's DC2 x APEX Photography

Brendan Lester, of APEX Photography, did a late hour shoot just the other night of Jamie's Street Hero / CrazuKnights DC2. Thanks go out to our homie Dave who has also featured it on the Risky Devil blog. Check out the nice shots:

Chicago C1 Circuit, White Line Running;

Wangan Intercepter X Risky Devil.
Be sure to check out more of Brendan's work with Jamie's car and this stunning D*Squad Hachi over on the Risky Devil blog.

I've always had strong love for old Corollas, and desired to own one regardless of whether it be Trueno/Levin chassis. I'm just glad to see someone in Chicago rockin' it proper.

Thanks again Brendan for the great work, keep an eye out for more work from APEX Photography in the future,

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