Sunday, November 2, 2008

Soul Seattle / Thangsombat Productions

Here are a couple of videos from some Honda folks out in Seattle that I'm sure some of ya'll have seen, or heard of, or found on the forums. I realize that they're from a little earlier this year, but as it gets colder and colder out here in the midwest it's good to look back at the summer/season that has passed before the bitter winter ensues. And, not to mention I really dig both Soul Seattle, what they're all about and how they represent themselves; and also Thangsombat Productions style of cinematography and editing, in conjunction with the music selection (chill jazzy beats, ex: Nujabes) for his videos. Plus: all the clean, well composed different styles and levels of builds in both videos are impossible to deny.


Soul Seattle from Philip Thangsombat on Vimeo.

Seattle Honda Tech Meet 09/06/08 from Philip Thangsombat on Vimeo.

I'm honestly looking forward to everything/anything coming from these guys (and girl) in the future.

"Bring(ing) back that nostalgic feeling of an all Honda crew."
-Soul Seattle

Honda love,