Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spoon Sports @ Macau GP: Ichishima Crashes the NSX-R

OH NO! Look what happened on Friday.

"Although Spoon President and driver Tatsuru Ichishima managed to qualify 9th for the finals, it came at a cost. On the last corner in front of the crowd and local TV cameras he lost control and crashed the NSX-R race car. Needless to say GTChannel on-board camera captured all of the action. Ichishima-san is ok and fired up to race the finals. Only if they can get the car back into shape..."
Spoon Sports driver and president Tatsuru Ichishima finished 6th overall and 3rd in their respective Class B 2000cc to 3500cc engine category. The team started from 9th place after crashing out in qualifying Friday. The number 95 car set a best lap time of 2:50.979 where the sole Japanese entrant team managed a top speed trap of 123.21kmph over 10 laps of racing

And here are few more nice shots of the car in action from the Spoon blog:

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