Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Heart Honda 2009!

The second I Heart Honda took place at Tsukuba on Saturday (5/9/2009), and there has been a lot of coverage showing up in the Japanese blogosphere. Looks like all the true Honda tuning powerhouses were out, making it quite the star-studded affair. This post is a little lengthy, but here are some highlights from the event.

ASM s2000:
Top Fuel s2000:
J's Racing FD2/Fit(check out those fenders!):
SS Works CRX:
Espirit NSX:
Max Racing DC5:
Seeker FD2 (look at the driver-side window, innovative aero parts?):
Tracy Sports FD2 & DC5:
Vision DC5 & FD2:
Spoon FD2 & DC5:
AY-Design FD2:
Orange Ball s2000:
Tsuchiya & Orido:
In an effort to keep this post from getting too long, I'll most likely will have another focusing on some of the odds and ends from the event. Overall, it looks like it was a pretty successful I Heart Honda 2009. I can't wait to see the battle footage they shot, likely to show up on a DVD in the near future.

www.i-heart-honda.com/Blog 1/Blog 2



3L said...
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3L said...

that seeker FD2 is pretty ridiculous.

Rome said...

Why doesn't J's Racing show love to the DC5 anymore!? Great coverage though looks like a good turnout.

Its Jamie Time said...

My best guess is that the dc5 chassis has now become outdated since the release of the FD2 chassis. Same goes for all the old Honda chassis's.

3L said...

says jamie, corn pipe in one hand and a glass of brandy in the other...