Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ITR EXPO 9 @ Autobahn Country Club

On Monday last week, Jamie, Tomasz, Charlie, and I made it out to the ninth ITR EXPO held at Autobahn Country Club. Nice weather held through the first day of track sessions and although we were too poor to drive in the event, we stayed busy longboarding around the paddock taking pictures to share.

After Charlie had ran into some difficulties attempting to leave earlier, we eventually met up with him a little before noon heading south along I355:

Although there were two turbo DC2s that had already popped their motors by the time we got there (why would you put a Turbo on a Honda when NA is BEST!), we arrived just in time for the Parade Lap. I hopped into Tomasz' DC2 for the slowest lap around the South Course I've ever experienced, but something about that many ITRs in one place at one time made it worthwhile. Not to mention that Tomasz' car is fairly nicely put together, and received a lot of attention from drivers and spectators (and photographers) of the event throughout the day:
While scoping out all the different ITRs on the track proved entertaining, wandering around the paddock in between sessions also revealed a few hidden gems that came out; the most standout example being the K-powered EK9 from Pure Tuning (drool). We also spent a considerable time under our tent, holding it down for Team Top Setup (literally because the wind was blowing it away):
Lets not forget about all the track time though. The Top Setup CRX, the Profunction stable of cars, and the Pure Tuning EK9 were all moving pretty damn quick, as well as a few of the private entries (not to mention the King Motorsport DC5 that came into action on day 2):
All of these photos and the rest that I took from the first day, can be seen in a photo gallery here. So be sure to check that out. Also, Jamo returned the second day with Lil Phil and Tommy to shoot video, and Charlie was filming in-car footage on both days. So, hopefully we can get some/all of that on here sooner than later. Regardless, ITR EXPO 9 was great and I'll definitely be making it out to the next one!



3L said...

sick... charlie 3 wheelin it rocketing into a corner whhhaatt?!?! awesome.

Anonymous said...

guys thanks for sharing. looked like it was one hell of a day!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding coverage Nick, I'm in absolute awe of the Pure EK!

Ken said...

Interesting wing setup on the K20-powered EJ hatch ...