Monday, November 10, 2008

Mass Text Meet; Chicago, Nov. 08 // Photo Coverage

With the weather forecast early in the week calling for snow over the following weekend, who would've thought a last minute, 'last dance' meet organized solely through text messaging would have such a decent turn out?

We met up pretty late on Wednesday at the docks, had to move out and regroup in a nearby parking lot, and decided to go underground for one last gathering before hitting the highways outbound. With Tim from T2Films present doing his thing, along with a few local street peoples/crews, some pretty gnarly footage should be surfacing on a DVD that you should cop sometime in the future.

Even though my equipment is rather primative, I took a decent amount of shots during the evening. Note: I do realize some turned out better than others, but I wanted to include some of the less fortunate shots regardless to get a feeling for the atmosphere that night. Enjoy:

Thanks again to everyone from Chicago Wangan, Risky Devil, D*Squad, Grip Gamblers, Street Hero, CrazuKnights, and the rest of the Chicago local fam for coming out one last time before the weather turns for the worse.

I Love Chicago, C1 Circuit Street Life.

PS - I, and a few others, have recieved a few emails regarding when the next meet is, info about it, wanting to show their cars, etc. As far as I know up to this point, the meets we've been holding have been private and invite only. But perhaps now with the knowledge of others showing interest, an organized, open-invite meet may be scheduled in the future. It's something we as a whole would have to talk about on our time and figure out, but there's no guarantees as of now.


3L said...

dope shots nick!

NomadScientist said...

open invite meet? pshhhh. Fam is fam, sorry stepsons. muhahahaha, jk I know more dopeness exists, and I'm sure we'll all meet in due time.

Kev!n said...

such an awesome night. midwest is best!

D*star said...

Word up.
Cool shots mang!

Johnny Rumble said...

Some really sick cars there. Good pics too!

giantinthemental said...

i'd be interested in when your next open-meet is next spring/summer. may even consider driving down from toronto - canada!