Monday, December 15, 2008

Speaking of J's Racing...

I've been searching through a Japan-based automotive blogging site recently, where users can share photos of their cars, from recent events, share information on new parts, regular maintenance, etc. It's kinda like a myspace-cardomain-facebook-livejournal all mixed into one, but specifically geared towards properly tuning cars. It's pretty neat.

Anywho, I discovered these photos taken at J's Racing a few days ago (12/13-08), from which it appears a bunch of privateer Fits and some of the shop's recent demo cars were on display.

They even had one of their models on hand, posing for a few photos near the
cars. Not too bad:

Looks like a pretty nice day to be over at J's Racing, huh?

Bonus - J's Racing K24 Fit at Tsukuba:

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Anonymous said...

Why don't they ever show love to their DC5? Great pics by the way.