Friday, January 15, 2010

HHHmmmmmm...... continued

Well looks this was just another typical blown out of proportion internet story. We all should know there is always two sides to a story and you just need to find the truth somewhere in the middle. AnJ is still around and most likely will be for awhile to come. I am sure this hurt them but obviously didn't destroy them. Lesson learned? Who knows really, lets just hope we don't hear more about this.

"Hey Everyone,

This is not something new. During 2009 summer there were posts going on in regards AJR and J's Racing already.

We have responded to previous posts and we have already told our side of the story. Anyways, for those who found this thread new and interesting, I will post our side of the story again and I will keep this simple.

Firstly, the parts we sold were supplied by J's Racing. Ever since day one when we imported the products, over 50% of the products we received did not have logos, originally packaging, catalogs or even stickers. I can speak for myself as well as AJR since I was the one who had packaged some of these products. We have been challenged by customers who had purchased these parts from us in the past saying these products were kind of sketch. There was nothing we could do if the products came to us in that condition.

Secondly, J's stated they had never made any "special edition" products like USDM versions, this was not true. There were numberous products made such as, USDM Grills, lip spoiler (GD3,FG2), GT wings (FG2)....etc. that's false info. Maybe if you got nothing to do you can run a search and you will find them.

Thirdly, there are many waranty issues, quality issues, fitment issues and missing components with the parts...............etc. JUST SEARCH on any Honda forums, you will find them. Broken or defected products never been replaced nor warranteed by the manufacturer. Those waranteed products were covered by AJR itself by paying out of it's own pocket.

Fourthly, J's Racing claimed that AJR has been selling knock off J's Racing products. Well, if the supplier supplied their products with no packaging, stickers or badgings, and denying the authenticy, what should we do??? Now this situation ended up like this.

I have been working at AJR since 2008 and I have not seen a single knock off branded product while I was doing all AJR's inventory and shipping work back at that time. I am not trying to defend the company that I work for since I can just simply pack and go without giving a damn, BUT if AJR has to be bad mouthed for no reason, I think I have to stand up for it.

Once last thing regarding to Mr. J's letter, if everything is true, AJR should have closed down and wait to get sued instead of kept up and running.


Jason @ AJR"