Friday, January 22, 2010


Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 seemed to come and go pretty quick this year, as the coverage often does the same. People/publications seem to try and cover it just to get it over with and out of the way. So, now that I've waited longer than the average blog (months shorter than the average print publication) to post anything up, I'll keep it somewhat short and sweet. Enjoy highlights.

BOLD WORLD FD2:I didn't see much (if any) coverage of the Bold World car at TAS2010 even though I think it's pretty boss, and it was sporting a different set up than last seen on Farm of Minds.

J's Racing S2000 ST & Insight both rockin' the futuristic/robot vinyl that visually grows on me every time I see it:

J's Racing booth girl = yum:

Top Fuel S2000:

5Zigen CL7:
RF-Yamamoto S2000:
Cyber Sports CRX:
Mugen/Swift equipped Insight:

The famous BMW/Odyssey along with a couple others ODMOs:



3L said...

man iuno about the Js racing vinyl scheme its weird ill give it a chance though... but yo the 5Zigen CL7 and odysseys are doooope. <3 <3!!

Slappy said...

Awesome photos. J's always has the hottest chics