Thursday, January 21, 2010

J's Racing Holiday Gathering

In late December, J's Racing had a Holiday get together where the most recent version of their widebody S2000 aerokit was seen without all of the vinyl it had at this years' Tokyo Auto Salon:

The J's Racing umbrella girls attended wearing holiday colors, a few bloggers w/ cameras took advantage; I would've too. You can take that either way, just enjoy:
I love J's Racing.


Antonino B-F said...

J'Racing model is just as hot as their cars lol

Slappy said...

Damn, i wish i was J's!

Anonymous said...

holy update batman! you guys need to keep this on a roll from now on. haha

Rome said...

Damn great find I always love some J's Racing features! Too bad they continue to show no love to the DC5 anymore =(

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the blog updated!

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