Thursday, January 14, 2010



"Dear Ben Leung

First of all, it is almost 9 years since we, J’s Racing, started a business relationship with your company in 2002. We fully acknowledge that your sales
& marketing have made the current J’s Racing popular status in the North America
and we deeply thank you for that.

Unfortunately we have to present you a rather unpleasant notice today. We recently
learned that in spite of your status of an official distributor of J’s Racing, you
have been copying J’s Racing products in a factory abroad and selling the products
as the genuine J’s Racing merchandise.

In order to verify the information and to get the clear evidence we actually purchased a product from you for an inspection. Regrettably we found that you not only copied the product but also copied our packing tape and box to make the product look exactly like a genuine J’s Racing product.

Now that we have a proof and we consider your conduct as a criminal offense, we no longer can maintain the current business relationship with you. We have already consulted an attorney in the British Columbia and we are ready to take strong legal actions if necessary.

We strongly feel that an official distributor should be the one policing the copied or knockoff products. It is outrageous that an official distributor itself sells a copied product as a genuine one. This is an inexcusable conduct even from the social point of view and we will not forgive this kind of crime.

Regarding this matter, we are considering the number of actions. We will give you one
chance of providing us a sincere response and coming up with an offer for a monetary

Our actions include but are not limited to
1) Termination of the distributor status
2) A legal action to demand accounting information on the quantity of the copied products produced and to demand a definite proof for destroying the copied products.
3) Bringing a criminal charges against A&J Racing
4) Disclosure of the issue on our website using your company’s name
5) Disclosure of the issue on the several forums in the world using your company’s name

To name several forums,

6) Notification of the issue to all the manufacturers J’s Racing has business relationship with
7) Notification of the issue to all the companies J’s Racing has traded with
8) Notification of the issue to all the magazine publishing companies A&J Racing has relationship with
9) Notification of the issue to your father, Anthony

Those actions will inflict serious damages to your company.
In the business world, the trust is the most important. It is very regrettable you have lost our trust.

We will be waiting for your sincere response and a specific compensation offer.
The deadline is April 22, 2009.


J’S RACING Junichi Umemoto
J’S RACING Hisaaki Murakami"

This truly is a shame if it's true.



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That is seriously ridiculous. Nine years of trust down the drain. If all this is true I would feel no remorse for Ben to be in prison where he can be someones bitch in cellblock D.