Thursday, March 5, 2009

Charlie BOY!

More coverage of 2008's Button Willow Super Lap Battle Finals showed up in a recent issue of CAR BOY, a Japanese enthusiast mag, which featured a shot of my good man, Top Setup's own, Charlie Rhyu standing next to his current project, the white Top Setup CRX. He posted these photos of the issue up on Hybrids forum, and I just had to feature them here. Congrats Charlie, (not to mention my girl, Ashley Sarto, too, who is also seen on the same page [the Hankook beauty on the left]).

Plus, I suppose it'd be a good time to mention that he's been working on a new shop website that, from what I've heard, will be up and running soon. So be sure to check over there in the up coming weeks, because I've also heard that there are some upgrades for the CRX on the way for the 2009 season. Can't wait to see what he's been cooking up.

Again, Cheers to you Charles,

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