Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SportCar Motion EG @ Redline Time Attack 2009 opener

Spotted the above photo and the following video over on The Chronicles blog, and felt the urge to share them here. Definitely planning on following the Redline Time Attack series this year, and with such an awesome display of FF dominance from the SportCar Motion crew at the season opener, it feels like it'll be a good year to watch.

With Tim Kuo behind the wheel, the SportCar Motion EG reeled in a 1st Place Modified FWD victory at Buttonwillow with a new class record lap time of 1:55.809. Watch, Listen, Enjoy:

Be sure to check out the full mention over on The Chronicles, if you didn't catch it there first. More photos/info -- and other Honda-related goodies -- after the jump.


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