Saturday, March 7, 2009

Garage Work x V.M.R.C. DC2 /// FF HONDA Mobara /Honjo style

Chiba-prefecture, Garage Work x Vega Muruko Racing Club DC2. Perhaps the most attractive/perfect/rad/sinister DC2 my eyes have yet to come across; SSR type-Cs, RAYS CE28Ns, Racing Hart type-C4s, Silkroad canards, Kent Works titan muffler SGR SPL, Voltex type-v wing, MAX Racing hood and front w/ Spoon lip, Zeal rear, G-Corporation tails, HPI acrylic windows, Cusco 4-pt. roll cage and L.S.D., TEIN Type HTs, JUN hyper clutch kit, Project Mu N1-Racing brake system, etc.; Mobara Circuit/Honjo running.


Bonus Mobara Circuit / Honjo life:
Continuing on, I figured I'd showcase some of the friends/competitors I found on the V.M.R.C. member's blog, all with equally as aggressive builds. Check out the lineup (and desirable aero) from tuning shops Garage Work and Yellow Factory, as well as a few others/privateers:


Bonus x2 - Garage Work EK4 and DC2 in-car footage from Mobara Circuit:

I don't even know what to say, other than; inspiration bleeding profusely from this post.


Anonymous said...

So much sickness in one post, game fucking over man!

Risky Devil Drift/Street Rodder Club said...

that and a dash of chicago style.


Johnny Rumble said...

Sweet DC. But I never been a fan of canards. Not that pretty.

Yes, I did say pretty. Style should always be a close second to performance...