Monday, January 12, 2009

MUGEN RR Advanced Concept, Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

Mugen came out swinging at Tokyo Auto Salon this year with their Power of Creative 2009 campaign, which included the Honda NSX MUGEN RR Concept, the Honda Accord MUGEN 24sc Concept, and the Honda CIVIC MUGEN RR Advanced Concept.

The MUGEN RR Advanced Concept was a bit of a shock to come across looking through all the blogger coverage of TAS09. I really didn't expect Mugen/Honda to have anything too crazy going on considering all the latest news of cutting back on R&D, yet I was pleasantly surprised by this NA, FF beast. It has a full carbon fiber body, a 2.2-liter bored K20A producing 260PS @ 8250rpms, a titanium exhaust and larger diameter brakes resulting in a time nearly two full seconds faster than the original RR around Tsukuba (Advanced RR - 01.04.906 vs RR - 01.06.688 vs Type R - 01.07.494). Not too mention all the specialty equipment goods from Mugen on the inside (yellow 9k gauge cluster, shift knob, light weight reinforced buckets, etc).

Outrageous. Don't forget to click here for the 'Special Movie' of the MUGEN RR Advanced Concept, it's worthwhile.


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