Friday, January 2, 2009

Mugen FD2 / New Years Cheers

Ya know what, I'll admit; I get a little turned on by the FD2 Type R and Mugen RR. That's why I had to share this Mugen accessorized, dailyed version FD2 from Kobayashi City, Japan. The owner took these photos after having installed the new bonnet/hood. I can't help but dig.

PS - Happy New Years everyone and sorry about the lack of updates lately; been a little busy workin'/celebrating over the holidays. With lots of big things planned and to look forward to in general, I'm excited for '09. Plus, once the weather turns around I'm sure there will be a lot more original content showing up on here again, as well as the continuation of Japanese blog highlights/inspirations, and everything else Honda/enthusiast related that shows up and tickles our fancy. Cheers, to a prosperous new year for all.

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