Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mugen RR

The owner of this particular Mugen RR, No. 51 of 300, is Ichiro, a representative for the famous aero parts company Noblesse. He's the one who owns that awesomely flush and tucked Fit that showed up on a bunch of blogs a few months back. This is his privately owned car pictured in the photos that he took himself (I understand that he also happened to recently aquire a Nikon D3, and these are some of the best shots I have yet to see of the coveted RR).

Looking through the following photos you may notice there are a few dress-up parts equipped (like the Noblesse oil cap, the Mugen resevoir tank cover, or the Mugen dry-carbon coil cover), but thankfully there are no plans scheduled to use it for aero production/development/fitment, as he makes utterly clear on his blog. This car from the factory alone, as Ichiro and many of us Honda lovers/enthusiasts would likely determine, is as close to perfect in stock form as can be.


This is easily my favorite newer car from Honda right now and from these photos it's very easy to understand why. Yet, with all the latest news about canceling R&D on many upcoming desireable vehicles (most recently adding the S2000's replacement to the list), it feels like this may be the last H-car of it's kind for awhile.


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Johnny Rumble said...

Awesome car, awesome shots, sad news about the 2000.