Saturday, January 10, 2009


So yeah, I guess I was asleep after a night of localized partying/drinking, while Jamie and a few folks were out on the town hitting up the snow stage. This is the blizzardly action I woke up to:

This is the best it was going to get without being meticulous, and after already having shoveled a number that's already likely in the double digits this year, I figured this was good enough.

And some people wonder why Midwest enthusiasts have a wintermode? So much snow already too, lots of little things to fix as a result (exhaust, foglights, vinyl, alignment, both windows, driver-side axel [already fixed], etc/more little things to come I'm sure).

I truly hate the snow, but Jamo's right, it really is a lot of fun to drive in with a LSD, if you have the height clearance that is...


1 comment:

Kev!n said...

"if you have the height clearance that is"

for sure. i get stuck if the snow is too tall in the middle of a lane.