Monday, January 12, 2009

More from Honda at TAS '09: Extended Edit

Following a year filled with announcements of R&D cancellations and officially pulling out of Formula 1 due to economic hardships, including all the hype behind the Nissan 370z and R35, no one expected much from Honda at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009. Yet, there was still a pretty decent turn out of quality Honda representation this year. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with what I've seen, even if it came mostly from the big name companies. Here are a few of the highlights:

J's Racing's new Fit (with completed livery from the post before) and new widebody S2000 were on display (which you can find more information/photos on The Chronicles, along with preproduction art for both), as well as one of their FD2s:

Twincam/Feels FD2 (check out those fenders) & S2000:

New Honda Accord Mugen 24sc Concept, a big debut/hit this year:

Modulo FD2:

GE Fit, sporting Noblesse aero; a little more simple, yet aggressive in appearance compared to some of their more lavish/VIP aero parts:

Spoon Sports/Volk Racing Fit:
Spoon Sports FD2(s) and NSX-R:

And then how could/would I forget the Honda that caused the most stir this year, the NSX Mugen RR Concept:

Edit: Here are a some more H-cars worthy of mention, and I also added a few more/different photos to the cars shown above. Enjoy.

These are some new shots of an old school EF on Mugen CF48s that has recieved some rightfully deserved attention:

Avanzza and ASM S2000s, both with rather aggressive aero:

5Zigen FD2:

RG FD2 and DC5

And this S2000 with rather appealing fitment to finish out:


Anonymous said...

Awesome TAS posts dude! Speaking of Honda cutbacks a buddy of mine who works at the Marysville Honda plant told me they're going from running the production line 7 days a week to just Tuesday thru Thursday in February.

Johnny Rumble said...

Is it just me, or does the new Fit look more better in the VIP treatment than in racing livery?

That Feels FD2 is quite sexy thought.

NSX RR. Oh Damn...

nicoSPON said...

I think the style of the VIP treatment is quite aluring, especially on the new fit, but I really appreciate the racing capabilities of the J's Fit: .

Mixing them together as a crossbreed could work, think of all the bippu-styled big body sedans with cages/gutted interiors and one bucket seat inside and that's it. I really like that way of building a car, but then it's really not the essence of VIP then, which caters to high society and class.

But we can't talk about that, I just caught myself day dreams of Junction Produce embroidered rear-window curtains on a LS460 (or LS430, I'm not that greedy) for heaven's sake. And isn't this supposed to be an all things Honda blog? haha.